Chinese Claypot Rice Cooking Class Court Treet Collective


January 20, 2018 all-day
$75   Tickets
Amy Kar Yee
Court Treet Collective
371 Court St. Brooklyn
NY 11231

On January 20th, Court Tree Collective co-founder Amy Kar Yee, will be teaching classes out of her gallery space in Caroll Gardens, to educate people about Cantonese cooking and to show them how to make specific authentic dishes.

“There’s really a gap in Carroll Gardens for good authentic Chinese food, more specifically good Hong Kong style food,” says Kar Yee.

The first class on January 20th is one of Chinese Clay Pot Rice Cooking, for beginners for it’s simplicity and for advanced cooks trying to learn more about authentic Chinese food.

Craving an authentic Chinese meal? This one (clay) pot dish is as delicious as it is easy. Steamed chicken and mushrooms marinated in ginger, soy and rice wine. Laid on top of a bed of soft rice with a distinct crunchy rice bottom. Mix it all up and you have a one pot dish.

Each student will take home their own clay pot.

Skills Learned:
– preparing rice
– marinating and timing
– types of rice
– variety of Chinese dried mushrooms
*not suitable for vegetarians.